Kids and Fitness Inc. Indoor Playground Set Kids and Fitness Inc. Home Gym for your Kids Spider-Wall Indoor Playground Set Spider-Wall Indoor Playground Set Spider-Wall Indoor playground equipment Spider-Wall Indoor playground equipment Home Gym for  your kids Spider-Wall. Assembling with furniture board. Home Gym for  your kids Spider-Wall. Assembling with furniture board.

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COMET 1 DSK-2-X.06

Playground set includes:

  • Rope ladder
  • Horizontal bar
  • Rope
  • Vertical metal ladder
  • Gym rings
  • Trapeze

Available Colors:

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  • Horizontal bar
  • Curved ladder
  • Swing
  • Gym rings
  • Horizontal metal ladder
  • Trapeze
  • Basketball ring
  • Rope

Available Colors:

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The Swedish Ladder – Past and Present
The Swedish Ladder – a frame with horizontal bars, “en ribbstol” in Swedish, was born in Sweden in the early 1800s

Kids Fitness Equipment – Always Emphasis on Quality!
Now, the fitness equipments are becoming much essential for every age for maintaining a healthy body and mind. Now day’s there are various types of home entertainment equipments developed to offer a better lifestyle.

Children Playing Equipment – Right Option for Busy Parents!
Children playing equipment can be the right opting for the busy parents that offer all sorts of fun to their child. It has been designed so beautifully by the designers that parent can get complete bunch of all game in cheap. However, in case of local market these are available in separate segments that the parent can offer more cost to get the complete set.

As soon as a child appears in the household, the word "safety" becomes the new most important word in the house

Home Gym for Kids – An Essential Tool!
All you need to look for the home gym for kids online. These days, so many people out there are looking for home gym for kids so that they can add a better health for their kids.

Home Playground Equipment – First Selection of Busy Parents!
Home playground equipment is going high on demand among the busy parent who never fulfills their child gaming desire due to busy lifestyle.

Home Playground Equipment – Must Be Environment Friendly!
Home playground equipment is the best way for the busy parents to offer all sorts of outdoor gaming facility to their children at home. For physical developments of the children games are much required!

Children’s Indoor Playground Equipment – Providing So Much Safety!
It is necessary to have indoor playground equipment for your child to keep them busy for hours and also for developing their strength, dexterity, agility, balance and concentration.

Children’s Indoor Playground Equipment – Provide Your Child Entertainment!
To make sure your child get enough exercise and stay active indoor play ground equipment can be an ideal option for you. Such these equipments provide your child enough entertainment within your home with much safety.

Home Gym For Kids – Guidance Much Required!
Best home gyms are the first and foremost requirement of the busy people to maintain their body fitness despite of their busy lifestyle. Due to faster lifestyle and huge competition in every field body fitness is much required for people.

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Home Gym for your Kids

All parents want their kids to be healthy and fit. There are many ways to do this: exercise at home with your child starting at an early age, let your child join a sports team, or simply spend plenty of time actively playing outdoors with your child. We offer you another tool that can help in achieving this goal - Home Gym for your Kids. It is easy to install in a any house or apartment, and takes up only 10-20 sq feet.

Indoor playground equipment

Currently, the market holds a lot of different equipment for the construction of indoor playgrounds. Our playground equipment is of the highest quality. The frames of our complexes are made of stainless steel. Attachments and step ladders are made of wood or covered with non-slip PVC. Our Indoor playground equipment is crafted to fully meet the relevant ASTM standards.

Kids and Fitness Inc.

Kids and Fitness Inc. is a company that specializes in supplying equipment for home gyms for kids. The company also actively researches methods to combat childhood obesity.