As soon as a child appears in the household, the word "safety" becomes the new most important word in the house. Parents buy a secure crib with high walls, cover electrical outlets, and remove dangerous objects from the child's reach. The heart flutters when the child is seen running close to a sharp corner or trying to climb somewhere high.

So, when thinking about adding a home playground set to aid in the child's development, some moms and dads base their refusal on fear for the child's safety. Children teem with energy as they grow. Without a Swedish ladder, a child may direct his or her energy upon conquering living-room furniture or climbing onto the kitchen counter.

Perhaps the absence of gymnastic rings will inspire your "bundle of joy" to swing on the chandelier or hurl a ball through the window, when he or she could have shot it through a basketball hoop. The specialists at our shop who design and manufacture "Spider-Wall" Playground Sets comply with all the necessary U.S. government safety standards while keeping parental concerns for child safety in mind.

In order for your child to get nothing but joy out of the playground set and for your peace of mind about his or her safety, we present you with the basic safety standards with which we comply. You can refer to these standards when choosing a home playground set for your child. First of all, it is important to check the certificates for the product and see if the product satisfies the standards set by ASTM. Certification of products guarantees their safety. Before a product may be certified it must pass inspection in laboratories accredited in accordance with the U.S. government.

The safety, reliability and durability of the materials used for construction must be affirmed by independent testing organizations. Tests must be carried out to double the product's specified bearing capacity. For example, if the manufacturer specifies that the acceptable bearing capacity is 100 kilograms, then 200 kilograms must be the weight used while testing.

It is also important to pay attention to the safety standards of the construction and the fastening parts: all protruding metal parts must not be sharp and must be protected by polymer coating. Protruding plastic and wood parts must not be sharp, and parts of the DSK models must not have cracks or splinters.

The safety standards of the fastening parts (such as nails, screws, and all the parts that hold the Playground Sets together), state that they must not protrude or be accessible to the child. Make sure that all the fastening parts of your future Playground Set are covered by decorative plastic buffers, and that all the accessible parts are free of splinters. It is also useful to check the heads of deep seated fasteners-they must not protrude from the product surface. Another important detail: accessible ends of screws and bolts must not protrude more than 3mm or must be submerged more than 0.5mm below the surface.

The final group of standards: labels and specifications on operation.
Operating instructions must contain detailed assembly descriptions of the Playground Sets, specifications for their operation and ways to ensure safety.
Kids and Fitness Inc. guarantees that ALL its manufactured products adhere to the highest safety standards..

We also guarantee that our products are manufactured on professional equipment in compliance with all necessary safety standards. Labels must contain: the product logo of the manufacturing organization and the address of the manufacturing organization or their representative or importer. Also, labels must contain the warning "Not recommended for children under 3 years of age." Another important aspect: labels must contain the maximum bearing capacity of the DSK models. For example, any of the DSK "Carousel" series models can hold up to 100 kilograms of weight. This is specified on each model's labels and in the handbook.