Home Playground Equipment – Must Be Environment Friendly!

Home playground equipment is the best way for the busy parents to offer all sorts of outdoor gaming facility to their children at home. For physical developments of the children games are much required! So, parents are looking for better substitute of outdoor game that provides fun and entertainments to their child as well as much time for them. In this regard, the home playground equipment is the right answer of above question. It has been designed so beautifully that children get more fun with it.

However, choosing the right product is not an easy task that every one thinks because it require enough research at the time of buying like the design is suitable and safer for the child and what the shape and size of the product? Are the room space enough for the equipments? Are the products causes any types of accidents due to rough quality materials? Is the product environment friendly? These above criteria are much required for the parents at the time of choose any design for their little one. Due to these reasons, home playground equipment designers are designing it with innovatively. These designs also include the trains, ships, cars, planes, and tree, mountain and water fall sliders.

What You Should Use?

Loose fill surfacing materials. It includes the double shredded bark mulch, wood chips, shredded tires, fine gravel or fine sand. Greater the depth, greater will be the shock absorption. Loose fill materials must not at all get installed over the hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete.

Manufactured synthetic surfaces. It includes rubber and rubber over foam mats and tiles, poured in place & rubber compositions. Initial cost is much higher however less maintenance is needed. Make sure you ask manufacturer for the test data on the shock absorption. Few materials need installation over hard surface whereas others will not.

Bean Plates

To help children learn multiplication here is a great idea for them to visually see the concept. Use small paper plates for the small number and place beans on them for the multiplier. Example 3 plates and 5 beans on each plate is 3 X 5 = 15. You can also use three plates for the addition and subtraction problems. Plate one will have 3 beans, plate two will have 5 beans and plate three will be what 3 + 5 equals 8 beans. Then repeat until all the cards are now gone.

How Much You Should Use?

In case, making use of loose fill material in your home, keep constant depth of 6 inches of material. Nine or twelve inches is suggested. Cushioning benefits of the fine sand & gravel increase at around 12 inches, and according to CPSC. Because the head impact injuries from fall is life threatening, more shock absorbing the surface is made, less likely any of the injury is severe. Obviously, all the injuries because of falls will not get prevented doesn’t matter what playground material is been used.