Please read this Operating Manual thoroughly to become familiar with the assembly, order, safe use, maintenance, transportation and storage of the Spider-Wall Home Gym Playground Set. Observing the following statements and warnings reduces the likelihood of serious or fatal injury.

Assembly, disassembly and installation of the Spider-Wall Playground Set must be done by no less than 2 adults after carefully studying the Operating Manual.

Maximum fall height for this product is from 7 to 10 ft.

The Spider-Wall Playground Set is designed for children ages 6-14.

In order to avoid serious or fatal injury IT IS PROHIBITED:

  • attendance and participation of children in assembly, disassembly and installation of the PLAYGROUND SET;
  • adjustment of PLAYGROUND SET by children;
  • use of PLAYGROUND SET by children without adult supervision;
  • use of PLAYGROUND SET by children without using appropriate shock-absorbing protective surface materials (for reference see extract from section 4 of the Consumer Products Safety Commission's "Outdoor home playground safety handbook" in Appendix 1.);
  • use of PLAYGROUND SET by more than 1 child (weight less than 220 lbs) simultaneously. (This Operating Manual is not applicable for the following models and design of PLAYGROUND SETS: DSK 4.02.01, DSK 4.02.03 and DSK 3-9.00. See the Operating Manual in playground set's box)


Safety of the PLAYGROUND SET is verified by:

  • TUV NORD - European Union inspection and testing organizations (, Certificate No. 44 321 07 343073 from 9th of March 2007.
  • State Standard of Russian Federation, Certificate No. "ROSS RU.AA83. A24173 from 20th of October 2009";



  • Not to walk close to, in front of, behind, or between moving items.
  • Not to twist the swing ropes, or swing empty swing ropes, or loop them over the top support bar, since this may reduce the strength of the rope.
  • Not to swing sideways into the path of adjacent swings.
  • Not to use the equipment in a manner other than that for which it is intended.
  • Not to get off the equipment while it is in motion.
  • Not to climb or swing with wet hands or when the equipment is wet (for ex. after moist cleaning).
  • Not to stand in the rings.
  • Not to use hammers, saws, nails, or wrenches on the equipment.
  • Not to climb on top of the swing support.
  • Not to attach to the playground equipment any item that is not specifically designed for use with the equipment, such as (but not limited to) jump ropes, clotheslines, pet leashes, cables, and chains. These may become strangulation hazards.
  • To watch for other children while swinging or playing near the equipment.



  • Limit climbing and swinging heights to each child's ability.
  • Dress children appropriately for play. Use well-fitting shoes that do not have slippery soles. Avoid ponchos, scarves, hoods, loose-fitting clothing, neckties, and any clothing with a drawstring. Serious injury could result should any part of the children's clothing become entangled in the equipment.
  • Verify that suspended climbing ropes are secured and cannot be looped backwards.
  • Remember that children are inventive. When they develop games that are unsafe, you must be alert and change the rules.