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Jungle Dome is new generation of metal home gym for kids.

It is an entire 3-dimensional playground for all ages right at home. It is Big and it is FUN.

Your kids can play for hours and never touch the ground!

Parents can exercise and play together with their children.

Let us tell you why we love WALLBARZ Jungle Dome so much:

  • Almost a tree house with ladders, trapeze, monkey bar, ropes and rings INSIDE the house or apartment. How cool is that!

  • Countless games that develop, challenge and enhance your children’ abilities to adapt, to create, to interact, to cooperate, to express themselves.

  • Activities that will help make your children healthier, stronger, more agile and coordinated, more confident and independent, more interactive and creative.

  • WALLBARZ Jungle Dome is easy to assemble and install and it takes up less than 2m2 of floor space.

Home gym playground set includes:
  • Vertical metal ladder
  • Curved ladder
  • Monkey bars
  • Ńlimbing rope
  • Rope ladder
  • Horizontal bar
  • Gym rings
  • Trapeze
Maximal load 100kg
Weight of package Box #1 - 57 lbs
Box #2 - 63 lbs
Size of package Box #1 - 46"x22"x6"
Box #2 - 46"x22"x6"

!!! MATS: We recommend using TWO WALLBARZ Puzzle Mats 25 mats with this model. .

   WALLBARZ Jungle Dome    WALLBARZ Jungle Dome