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Wallbarz Family is new generation of metal home gym for kids.

Every parent wants their child to be healthy, active and accomplished.

We at WALLBARZ passionately believe that our products will help you and your child reach that goal.

Let us show you WHY:

  • Your child can stand. It is a perfect time to start using Wallbarz Family.

  • There are endless varieties of games and exercises you and your child can do with Wallbarz Family that positively affect your child’s development, health, agility and coordination.

  • Plenty of activities that will help make your child more confident and independent, more interactive and creative.

  • Parents can safely and effectively exercise on Wallbarz Family (user weight limit is 100kg) setting important examples to their child.
  • Multitude of additional equipment for Wallbarz Family will keep both parents and their child occupied with discovering new exiting ways of using Wallbarz Family.

  • Wallbarz Family is easy to assemble and install and it takes up less than 0.5m2 of floor space.

Home gym playground set includes:
  • Vertical metal ladder
  • Ńlimbing rope
  • Horizontal bar
  • Gym rings
Maximal load 100kg
Weight of package Box #1 - 59 lbs
Size of package Box #1 - 46"x22"x6"

!!! MATS: We recommend using WALLBARZ Puzzle Mats 25 mat with this model.