WALLBARZ Woodgym Swedish Ladder

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WALLBARZ Woodgym is real wood Swedish Ladder.

WALLBARZ Woodgym is a new generation wooden wallbars made specifically for fitness and exercising.

WALLBARZ Woodgym together with various additional equipment creates an ideal environment for achieving your fitness goals right at home.

Let us show you how it is possible::

  • Weight loss, muscle gain, maintaining fitness level, flexibility, rehabilitation. These are the key areas in which great results can be achieved by using WALLBARZ Woodgym.

  • Along with additional equipment, more than 300 exercises can be performed on WALLBARZ Woodgym.

  • You will be provided with comprehensive and proven effective training programs.

  • Growing range of additional equipment will constantly keep your mind motivated and body challenged.

Home gym
Maximal load 100kg
Weight of package Box #1 - 55 lbs
Size of package Box #1 - 46"x22"x5"

!!! MATS: We recommend using ONE WALLBARZ Puzzle Mats 25 mat with this model.

   WALLBARZ Woodgym Swedish Ladder